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Why is LegalWills better than a Will kit?

At, we take advantage of the most advanced online technology to guarantee that you can prepare a Will that looks word-for-word the same as one prepared by a solicitor.

Our service has evolved over the course of 24 years. We are now so confident in the performance of our interactive Will service that we offer a 100% full money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your document.

"I used your service to write a Will for my dear wife Christine who passed away this year. The Will was easy to fill out and very straightforward. I never had one problem arise because of the Will." --- Keith Sutton   Read more testimonials

How do we compare to the competition?

How is the Will service at better than a blank form do-it-yourself Will kit?

You should use the services of a solicitor if you need legal advice. However, most people do not need legal advice to prepare a Will. A Last Will and Testament is essentially a simple document. It allows you to make key appointments, and expresses your wishes for the distribution of your property.

However, you need to be careful, because mistakes can be made. Especially when attempting to write your Will using a blank form kit that you can buy from Amazon or a bookshop. guides you through the process of writing your Will so you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with blank form DIY Will kits.

Most do it yourself Will kits are too simple

At, we have spent many years reviewing blank form Will kits and we continue to be shocked at their shortcomings.

Most DIY Will kits give too much responsibility to the individual preparing the Will. There are too many blank spaces and not enough guidance. The consequences of incorrectly completing a blank kit are extreme; at best it can lead to one of your bequests not reaching the intended beneficiary; at worst, the entire Will can be voided and your estate will be distributed according to intestate law.

Oftentimes, the issue is with what is missing from the kits, rather than what is included in the Will kits.

Sample Will Kits

We have purchased some Will kits to demonstrate the issues. Hopefully these examples will illustrate to you the advantages of using an online service like the one at

The kits we are highlighting below are the biggest sellers in the UK. We purchased them from major bookshops and online retailers.

The first example demonstrates how difficult it can be to prepare a well-drafted Will. The blank space has a full page asking you to list your legacies (Yes, you can actually buy this "kit" and we paid good money for it.) There are at least two significant problems with this approach:
  • Firstly, you should not list all of your assets in your Will. You don't know when your Will is going to come into effect – it could be tomorrow, it could be in 30 years time. During this time your assets will change. You do not want to have to update your Will every time an asset changes.
  • Secondly, once your Will is probated, it becomes a public document that anybody can read. You may not want detailed descriptions of all of your assets available for public entertainment.
Do It Yourself Will Kit #1 - FRONT Do It Yourself Will Kit #1 - BACK
Competitor Sample #1

What makes a Will kit a legal Will?

Any downloadable Will service can claim to be a "legal Will". A Legal Will is simple a declaration of your Last Will and Testament that is signed in the presence of two witnesses. You could type on a blank piece of paper that "this is my Last Will and Testament. I leave everything to my wife Jane", sign the document in the presence of two witnesses, and it would technically be your legal Will. It just wouldn't be a very good one.

Here is a second example, of a "legal Will kit" that is little more than a blank piece of paper.
Do It Yourself Will Kit #2 - FRONT Do It Yourself Will Kit #2 - BACK
Competitor Sample #2

A Quality Last Will and Testament Service

One of the most challenging aspects of describing the distribution of your estate is covering the "what if" scenarios. Oftentimes that distribution plan is very simple. For example, you may leave everything to your spouse. But what if you are both involved in an accident at the same time? You need a backup plan. If you have children, they may become the main beneficiaries, but you may also need to name guardians for their care, and set up trusts if they are under the age of 18. You may also want to include a charitable bequest. It's the lack of a backup plan that often makes do-it-yourself Will kits unenforceable.
Do It Yourself Will Kit #3 - FRONT Do It Yourself Will Kit #3 - BACK
Competitor Sample #3

How does the MyWill™ service help create a legal Will?

The service at takes these issues into account. For the vast majority of users, we provide you with a Will that is word for word identical to one prepared by a solicitor. We guide you through the process and make sure that every possible scenario is covered in your distribution plan. We prompt you to name your key appointments, describe your family situation, ask you to name guardians for children if appropriate, and set up trusts. We use the same software that is used by solicitors across the UK, but we have adapted it, and given you direct access to it.

Advantages to writing your Will with

In addition to giving you a superior Last Will and Testament, there are some additional benefits to using the service at to prepare your Will. This offers a significant advantage not only compared to blank form Will kits, but actually provides more value than a standard Will writing professional or solicitor's service.

These include:
  • Great value for money. Not only can you prepare your Will for only £49.95, but with this, you can update your document as often as you wish for one year. Beyond that you can choose to maintain an account with us, so that you don't have to return to a solicitor each time you need to make an update to your Will. Your alternate Executor has been taken ill? No problem. Just login to your account, update your appointments, and print a new Will.
  • Our service is always kept up to date. Most Will kits are out of date and do not reflect the most recent changes in the law. There have been changes to estate planning law in the UK on quite a regular basis and the services at reflect this.
  • Our Will service teaches you about estate planning. We will ask you questions that you may not have considered. When you print your final document you will know what it says, and why it says it.
  • We have a variety of additional services. We have services that provide you with a more complete estate plan, including: MyLifeLocker™, MyVault™, and MyMessages™. Used together with the MyKeyholders™ service, we ensure that your information gets to the people who need it, at the right time (and not before).
  • Peace of mind. You can also have your final Last Will and Testament checked over for consistency and completeness by one of our estate planning solicitors.

Try our Legal Wills service right now

The best way for you to experience the difference is to try the service. Step through it now and see for yourself what sets us apart. You can choose to pay at the end, and we offer a full money back guarantee if you don't feel that our service works for you.


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