The Keyholder® Security System

The Keyholder Security System protects you from anyone accessing your documents prematurely.

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Secure Estate Planning - The Keyholder® System

At, we have created the only secure estate planning service that allows you to not only prepare your documents online, but also make those documents available to the right people at the right time. Our proprietary system ensures that nobody can access them prematurely. Finally, the sealed envelope that we have used for centuries has caught up with the Internet age.

If you have ever been named a Lasting Power of Attorney, or the Executor of a Will, you will understand what a daunting task this can be. Without any clear documentation of your estate, you are giving somebody responsibility to carry out your affairs, without giving them the tools to succeed.

As a account holder, you can specify up to 20 friends or family members, each of whom will be given the power to access specific services within your account. Each person has their own unique login ID, and an access profile which determines the services they can unlock and access.

These services include:
  • Your funeral wishes
  • Unlocking and distributing any final messages that you have written for loved ones
  • The online version of your Last Will and Testament
  • Advance healthcare directives that you may have expressed through the MyLivingWill™ service
  • Your important contacts and an inventory of your assets that you have stored through the MyLifeLocker™ service
  • Any important files and documents that you uploaded using the MyVault™ service
Access to the services and their security settings can be configured entirely from within your account.

Here's how it works:

Create documents
Step 1:
As an account holder, you can take advantage of the services at including MyWill™, MyLifeLocker™, MyVault™, MyFuneral™, MyMessages™ and more. You then name at least one friend or family member as your Keyholder®. We store the content of your account on our encrypted, secure server. You can, of course, also print paper copies from each service.
Notify Keyholders
Step 2:
Your Keyholders® are given a secure Keyholder® ID and informed of their responsibilities. You will send an email based on our template that explains which services they have access to, and how they should proceed at the appropriate time. If you wish, you can also send each of your Keyholders® a plastic wallet card with their Keyholder® ID printed on it.
Update documents
Step 3:
Throughout your lifetime, you can login at any time to your active account and update any of your documents, including those in MyVault™, MyLifeLocker™ and MyMessages™.
Keyholders request access
Step 4:
If you ever become incapacitated, or once you have passed away, your Keyholder® logs in using their Keyholder® ID and requests access to the appropriate services. To guard against premature access to your documents, you will receive an automatic email notification explaining that a Keyholder® is attempting to access your documents.
Keyholders granted access
Step 5:
If you do not respond to the notification within a time period that you have specified in the MySecurity™ service, then the documents are released to your Keyholder(s)®.

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"Online services, like the one provided by are becoming more sophisticated, but are built from the same software used by estate planning solicitors."

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