The Keyholder® Advantage

We developed the Keyholder system to allow your chosen friends or family to access your documents at the right time.

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The Keyholder® Advantage - Your information to the right people at the right time

Protecting Your Critical Information

Create your important legal documents. At, we help you to prepare a number of important documents. You can create a Last Will and Testament, and your Advance Directives. You may have also prepared a Lasting Power of Attorney using the tool available at the website. These are critical documents to have in place.

We also allow you to prepare important supplementary documents. You can express your funeral wishes using our MyFuneral™ service, and even upload documents to a digital repository through our MyVault™ service. You may have even taken the time to document important information through our MyLifeLocker™ service.

What if? But if something were to happen to you today, would your loved ones be ready to take over? Would they have a good sense of what exactly to do next?

A better way. There used to be a time where we would prepare a letter and put it in a sealed envelope "only to be opened after I am gone". Fortunately, technology allows us to do better than this.

The Keyholder® Solution

The responsibility. If you have appointed a representative through a Lasting Power of Attorney, or named an Executor in your Will, they will have the responsibility to take over your affairs at the appropriate time. They may have to pay bills on your behalf, or, in the case of an Executor, they would have to gather up your entire "estate" (all of your assets).

This is an extremely difficult task. But you may not want to share the details of your financial assets whilst you are alive. You need to get this information to the right people, at the right time, and not before.

Use our Keyholder® system. Using our MyKeyholder™ service you are able to name specific trusted individuals and give them access to key information within your account.

For example, your Lasting Power of Attorney representative may need access to information about your subscriptions, or mobile phone contract, all contained within the MyLifeLocker™ service.

Your Executor will need access to your financial assets, and online account login credentials. You may have included this information within MyVault™.

Beneficiaries within your Will may want to see a copy of the document, so you can grant them access to the your Will, and even write messages to each one of them using our MyMessages™ service.
Your Keyholders® can login using their unique Keyholder® ID and gain access to the information that they need.

It's FREE. The MyKeyholder™ service is absolutely free. We have found that many Will writers and solicitors do nothing but give you a 4 page Last Will and Testament and charge you hundreds of pounds for the privilege. Will writers and other online services do not address the most important step in resolving your estate: finding and gathering your assets. We hear from loved ones who don't even get to the first step of finding the Last Will and Testament!

It works. At, we feel that our Keyholder® system is a critical addition to our service that allows your Will to perform its intended function.

The Security of Your Data

You can store a lot of sensitive information at But we protect all of it until the right people access it at the right time.

You can name up to 20 trusted Keyholders® to access different pieces of information, such as your Last Will and Testament, funeral wishes, private messages, files in your digital vault, and a detailed list of your assets in the MyLifeLocker™ service.

Each Keyholder® is given a unique Keyholder® ID that determines precisely what information they can see.

Until this time, we encrypt and protect this information using industry leading security and privacy tools.

How it works:

Create documents
Step 1:
Using the services at, you can write your Will, describe your funeral wishes, express Advance Directives, and document important information through our MyVault™, MyLifeLocker™ and MyMessages™ services. Once you have done this, you can name up to 20 trusted Keyholders® to access some or all of this information.
Notify Keyholders
Step 2:
Your Keyholders® are notified of their responsibilities and then given a secure Keyholder® ID. This ID determines exactly what information will be made available to that Keyholder®. The ID is sent to them by email or can be printed on a convenient plastic wallet card. Your Keyholders® do nothing until the appropriate time.
Update documents
Step 3:
You can continue to update your information at whenever your circumstances change. This would include, for example, updating your financial assets in the MyLifeLocker™ service.
Keyholders request access
Step 4:
If you become incapacitated, or pass away, your Keyholders® will login to their account. To guard against premature access to information, you can configure a time delay before the information is made available to the Keyholder®. You will receive a notification whenever a Keyholder® has unlocked a service.
Keyholders granted access
Step 5:
If you do not respond within the configured time-delay, then the information is made available to the Keyholder®. This will allow your Executor to start their duties as your estate administrator.

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"Online services, like the one provided by are becoming more sophisticated, but are built from the same software used by estate planning solicitors."

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