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How To Create A Power Of Attorney

MyPowerOfAttorney™- Establish a Durable Power Of Attorney

Why do you need a Power of Attorney?  What if you were in a coma, or otherwise incapacitated such that you were unable to communicate?  Or struck with a disease or other tragedy which affected your mind?  Who should control your finances, or your assets?  A Power of Attorney ensures that your wishes in these and other unexpected circumstances are heard, understood, and carried out to your specifications.

Services such as MyFuneral™, MyLifeLocker™, MyVault™, and MyMessages™ do not create legal documents and make no assumptions about your country of residence. 

We have worked extensively to ensure that the legal documents created by the MyWill™, MyExpatWill™ and MyLivingWill™ services are up to date with the laws in England and Wales in the United Kingdom.

In the U.K., you can identify a person to take care of your financial and business affairs and make healthcare decisions on your behalf by setting up a "Lasting Power of Attorney" (LPA).

There are specific government forms which must be used to set up an LPA. For a property and affairs LPA the form is "LPA PA". For a personal welfare LPA the form is "LPA PW".

These forms, the notes and guidance which accompany them and all forms necessary for registering an LPA are available from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). They can be downloaded from the website: or you can request copies by phoning 0845 330 2900.


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