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Since 2001, LegalWills.co.uk has helped thousands of people prepare their Last Will and Testament. Developed with a team of top estate planning solicitors, we offer unparalleled quality and affordability through our online Will service.

About LegalWills.co.uk - The Company

LegalWills.co.uk is the longest serving online Will writing service in the UK. We work with professional Will writing solicitors to provide a legal document creation service that allows you to prepare your own professional grade Wills and other estate planning documents.

At LegalWills.co.uk, we have adapted the best Will writing software used by solicitors across the UK and made it available to the general public. This means that you can create a Will that is word for word the same as a solicitor's Will, but from the comfort of your own home. You can also make changes whenever you need to.

Formed in 2000, the company has a dedicated team devoted to ensuring high quality products and first class customer service. Our focus has always been to make expensive and inconvenient legal services readily available to everybody, by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Over the years, we have built our portfolio of services to move beyond simple Will writing. Today, we offer Executor tools, digital asset storage and distribution, asset inventories, and our proprietary Keyholder® mechanism that ensures the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

We believe that after a decade of constant improvement, we now provide a service that not only surpasses traditional do-it-yourself Will kits, but also offers significant advantages to professional Will writers and solicitors.

Your documents can be stored securely, and updated whenever there is a change to your personal or financial situation.

Our Executive Team at LegalWills.co.uk

Tim Hewson

Tim Hewson

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Hewson co-founded PartingWishes Inc. in 2000 (the parent company of LegalWills.co.uk).

Since graduating from Loughborough University of Technology with an Honours degree in Human Factors, he has accumulated over 25 years experience as a telecommunications consultant and Business Manager in a variety of companies in the UK and in Canada.

Tim has over 24 years of experience helping people to write their Will and other estate planning documents. He has been interviewed by many of the major news media outlets and has contributed to articles in most leading publications. He has also contributed to a number of financial planning books.

Throughout his career, Tim has written extensively on the subject of Will writing and estate planning.

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Henry Raud

Henry Raud

President and Chief Technology Officer

Henry Raud has over 20 years experience in the PC, telecommunications and software development industry.

Since graduating with an Honours Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto, he has held several technology and executive management positions in a multinational corporation.  During that time, he has been responsible for the successful delivery of many complex software development projects.

Henry joined forces with Tim Hewson in 2000 to form PartingWishes Inc.

As President and CTO, he has full accountability and responsibility for all website and software development activities, as well as managing the financials of the corporation.

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Our Advisory Team

Bradley M. Sniderman - Attorney at Law

Cindy Harm, BA, MBA - Senior Business Advisor

John Lumsden, CISSP - Principal Engineer, Tangible Consulting

Gordon Allison, BSc - Human Factors Consultant

Why Don't You Offer Free Wills?

At LegalWills.co.uk, we have a legal team, developers, and customer support. These people all work together to provide you the best possible service.

The only way we would be able to offer you free Wills is to either describe them as free but then charge you (our competitors do this), or sell your personal data to funeral homes and insurance companies (other competitors do this).

We don't want to do either of these things.

In The News:

"Online services, like the one provided by LegalWills.co.uk are becoming more sophisticated, but are built from the same software used by estate planning solicitors."

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