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Using the MyFuneral™ service at, you can express your funeral wishes. By documenting these preferences clearly, you can save your family and loved ones from making difficult decisions at a time when they are already dealing with your passing.

It has been known for funeral service providers to guilt loved-ones into spending way too much on a funeral. The funeral costs will be coming out of your estate, and the money will go to the funeral home, rather than to your beneficiaries. By expressing the format of your funeral ahead of time, you can protect your loved-ones.

Funeral Wishes for John Smith
(Last updated April 24, 2024 3:36:11 PM CST)

The following information represents my personal wishes regarding the handling of my body and the final arrangements following my death.  Wherever possible, I would like my family and friends to honor these wishes to the best of their abilities.

Existing Will
As of the date on this document, I have not yet prepared a Last Will and Testament.  As a result, this Funeral Wishes document serves as the most complete and accurate reflection of my personal wishes regarding the final arrangements after my death.

Body or Organ Donation
I do not wish to donate my entire body to a medical institution after my death. However, I do wish to donate some of the organs in my body to benefit people who are in need of organ and/or tissue transplantation. The only organs I wish to donate are: Kidneys; Heart; Bone and bone marrow; Liver; Lungs;

Handling of the Body
If possible, immediately following my death I would like my body to be left undisturbed for 24 hours. I do not wish my body to be embalmed. If a post-mortem requires the consent of my next of kin, I would like them to give it. Between my death and the funeral I have no preference for where my body should be kept.

Final Disposition
I would like my body to be buried under ground. I would like to have my casket carried by the following specific people: my brother, Jack Smith; my uncle, Tom Jackson; my best friend, Andrew Williams; and my colleague, Sally Jones. I would like my body to be transported to the burial site in a hearse. I would like my family to be transported to the burial site in a stretch limousine. I would like to be buried in a cemetery.

Funeral Plan
In general, I would like the total cost of my funeral to be as economical as possible.

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Above is the first page of a sample of the document generated by our MyFuneral™ service.  You can create your own right now using the MyFuneral™ wizard.

No two documents are alike. Your funeral wishes are documented based on the answers that you provide when stepping through our service. Depending on your choices, your document may include the following sections:

  • Body/Organ Donation
  • Handling of the Body
  • Final Disposition
  • Funeral Plan
  • Mortuary
  • Notification to Friends
  • Container for Ashes
  • Pre-Ceremonies
  • Final Ceremony
  • Last Message
  • Monument/Marker
  • Commemoration
  • After the Funeral

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