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Our Affiliates: Discounts and Commissions

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Why Earn Money With our Affiliate Program?

Do you have clients who need a Will, or a complete estate plan? You can direct them to the services at and offer them a preferred client discount. Even better, you can earn a commission on every product or service sold. This is not limited to our Will service, but also our LifeLocker, Living Will, and membership extensions.

It is completely free to sign up, and there is absolutely no minimum order requirement.
  • You earn up to a 30% commission on every sale.
  • You can offer up to a 30% discount to your clients.
  • You earn commission on the full retail price of each sale, not on the customer discounted price.
This means that we split our profits with you 50:50. Affiliates share in 50 percent of our profits

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program?

Join our growing network of affiliates:
  • A funeral service provider who sits down with clients and sells Will writing services for £200 each. He pays £17.47 for every Will created. The rest is his profit.
  • A charity that has embedded the service in their website to encourage people to make charitable gifts. Their prospective donor pays £17.47 for their Will, and the charity generates charitable bequests.
  • A financial planner who meets with clients once a year and encourages them to create a Will and order the lifetime of unlimited updates to the Will. He generates commission of £37.47 for every sale.
  • Countless other successful affiliates work with us to provide estate planning services to their clients.

We Even Offer White Label Options

If you are currently running a website, you can use our free White Label Embed service to embed our services. Your clients can complete their Will without leaving your website.

If you have coding skills, you can use our free White Label API to provide our legal document creation services within your own web site or application. With this option you can fully rebrand our services, making it appear as if these services are your own. There will be absolutely no mention of at any point in the process. This means that you can charge whatever you wish for our services. Learn more

Full Reporting of Earned Income

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will create your own unique affiliate account. With your User ID and password, you can login at any time to see how much money you have earned. In addition, you can view detailed reports of all of your sales activity, including the names of your clients who have used your affiliate reference code.

Currently, there is no minimum balance to trigger a payout. If you have earned £20 in commissions, just let us know when you need a payout and we will take care of it immediately.

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