How Does It Work?

Get the right information to the right people when they need it

As an account holder at, you can name up to 20 "Keyholders"®. These people are trusted individuals who are granted the power to unlock your critical information at the appropriate time.

You are able to specify exactly what information you would like each Keyholder® to access. For example, if one of them is your Lasting Power of Attorney, you could give them access to your MyLifeLocker™ service. If one of them is your Executor, you can give them access to your MyVault™, or your MyFuneral™ wishes, or even MyMessages™.

Our proprietary locking mechanism ensures that no services are accessed prematurely. The time delay associated with each service is fully customisable by you, and set up in the MySecurity™ service.

How works:

Create documents
Step 1:
As an account holder at, you can create your estate planning documents using the services: MyWill™, MyLivingWill™, MyFuneral™ and MyExpatWill™. In addition, you can make use of our advanced estate planning tools like MyMessages™, MyLifeLocker™ and MyVault™.

For each of these services, you can name close friends or family members as your "Keyholders®" who can access these services at the appropriate time. The services all include an online version of the document to complement any printed document.
Notify Keyholders
Step 2:
Your Keyholders® will be notified, and receive an explanation of their role and responsibilities. They will also be given a randomly generated secure ID with which they can access their Keyholder® account. If you wish, you can also send your Keyholders® a plastic wallet card with a printed secure ID code.
Update documents
Step 3:
Throughout your lifetime you can update all of your documents and services to reflect any changes in your personal or financial situation. You simply login to your account at with your own User ID and Password.
Keyholders request access
Step 4:
If you become incapacitated and your affairs pass under the control of your Lasting Power of Attorney or your next of kin, your Keyholder® can login to view your important documents. When you pass away, your Executor can login to view critical documents like your MyVault™ or MyLifeLocker™.

We guard against premature access to your documents by notifying you by email that a Keyholder® has requested access to your services.
Keyholders granted access
Step 5:
If you do not respond to the notification email, then after a period of time (that you specify within the MySecurity™ service), then the service is made available to your Keyholder(s)®.

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