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How can I write my Will?

You can write your own Will quickly and conveniently at You simply step through our nine sections, answering the questions. Every page has help text to guide you through the process. At the end of the service, you can download and print your document, and sign it in the presence of two witnesses to make it a legal Last Will and Testament.

Can you help me to write my Will?

Our online service allows you to prepare your own Will. We cannot write your Will for you, but we give you all of the tools you need to write your Will. If you get stuck, you can contact us by email or phone and we can provide you with some assistance in writing your Will.

Do you offer Will writing support?

Writing your own Will is easy. It take about 20 minutes to step through our service and answer the questions. To make this a legal document it just needs to be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries in the Will. If you get stuck, please contact us and we will be happy to help."

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"Online services, like the one provided by are becoming more sophisticated, but are built from the same software used by estate planning solicitors."

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Emma Maslin, The Money Whisperer, PARENTING & MONEY, PERSONAL FINANCE

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